God Speaks

The Guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts and Today

God is talking to you. Are you listening? This world is getting louder and louder. At work, at school, at home, and even at play, there are so many voices and activities demanding our attention that we often feel like we’re being pulled in all directions at once. At the same time, we have this nagging feeling that we’re missing something, that we’re not hearing the one voice that can make sense of it all. And we desperately want our life to make sense – and make a difference.

In GOD SPEAKS: The Guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts and Today, author Janet DeCaster takes us on a practical journey through the Book of Acts, focusing on how the Holy Spirit spoke to and guided the first believers. In Acts we see example after example of how God, through the Holy Spirit, wants to speak into our lives and set us on a clear path of significance.

In this enlightening and practical Bible study, you will learn:

  • How the Holy Spirit spoke to the first believers and how He is still speaking today

  • How the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit function in the life of the believer

  • How to know what God wants you to do in practical life circumstances

  • How the guidance of the Holy Spirit as demonstrated in the Bible, differs from non-Christian religious training so prevalent in the world today

  • How to be filled with the Holy Spirit and become more sensitive to His leading

  • And much more.

The book has 3 versions:

  1. The TEACHER MANUAL is a ready-made guide that enables anyone to train and disciple others in the truth of Holy Spirit-empowered living.

  2. When paired with the companion STUDENT MANUAL, it provides all the tools needed to present this study in a small group, church Bible study, or Bible college classroom.

  3. The PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY is perfect if you want to learn these important truths on your own or to facilitate small group discussion.