The Blind Saw, The Deaf Heard – Part 3 Walking With Jesus Along the Missionary Road

Dominican Republic Missions Trip
Walking With Jesus Along the Missionary Road –  Part 3
 The Blind Saw, The Deaf Heard
Continued from Walking With Jesus Along the Missionary – Road Part 2
The Woman in the Crowd
Isaiah 35:5-6
Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, And the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.  Then the lame shall leap like a deer, And the tongue of the dumb sing.  For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness, And streams in the desert.  


What’s wrong with me, I thought?  I should be so happy, now that my dream of a missions trip has finally come true.  But, all I could do was silently weep as I sat listening to the sermon and praying for the service in that little Assemblies of God Church in the Dominican Republic.  That particular evening, our missions team (RAIN Ministries global Missions trip, January 2012*) had been invited to a local Church by one of the Pastors who’d been a guest at our leadership conference.  The Pastor had so much faith in the power of God to heal the sick, that unbeknownst to us, he’d invited a local deaf congregation to join his meeting.  I happened to be a part of the prayer team that night. Another team member was doing the preaching (Pastor Andy LeFebre from Rivers Harvest Church in Onalaska, WI).  His sermon topic was holiness. He made an impassioned plea for the Church to come back to the holy fear and reverence of God, and to live in holiness.
While he preached, my own heart was so moved by the prospect of any sin that may yet linger in the corners of my heart that I was undone, weeping in repentance, followed by the pure joy of receiving God’s forgiveness.  I felt something stir in my heart that night that I’d only experience in the very smallest ways before.  I can only describe it as this: perfect love.  I was literally stifling sobs, burying my face in my hands as I prayed.  As the sermon on holiness continued, a presence so overwhelmingly loving entered the room that it became nearly unbearable. In greater and greater measure, the presence of a holy love that was palpable, although not tangible, grew.   I was unable to do anything but weep, so I dropped to my knees on the floor on the far left side of altar in the choir loft where our team sat listening, as a group.   The all-encompassing feeling of perfect love continued to grow in the little Church and became stronger.

Soon, I noticed, that the entire congregation began to weep.  A holy presence seemed to sweep in the back door of the little Church and continue rolling through the crowd to the front.  I felt in my own heart that the love was so great, I wasn’t sure I could contain it.   There was such perfect joy and a pure love in that place, that all I can say is that Jesus entered the room, through His Holy Spirit. I didn’t see Him, as some had visions that night, but I felt Him.  I knew that He was there in a way that is beyond all doubt.  Soon the preacher himself was sobbing and unable to preach, and then it happened.


Blind people spontaneously stood and began to declare that they could see.  Deaf mutes began to come toward the altar for prayer, before any altar call was made.  Our leaders and whole team just got up and began to pray for anyone and everyone who wanted prayer.  The joy and love was so real in the little Church in the Dominican Republic that people’s faces seemed to glow with a holy presence.  No national or cultural barrier, language difference, socio-economic disparity or anything else separated the people in the room that night.  Christ’s love was so pure and so perfect that none of those things mattered one bit.  There was a unity of the spirit like I had never known.  Several people who had never seen before received their eyesight, several who had been deaf began to hear, and the mute spoke.  It was the unmistakable, perfect presence of Jesus that brought sight to eyes and hearing to ears, and a cleansing to the hearts of those in His Church that night.

I personally prayed with the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.  Let me explain.

The lead Pastor and several members of the deaf congregation that we prayed for at Open Heaven Assemblies of God Church, January 2012.

He was an older gentleman who, I surmised, was a leader in the deaf congregation.  He himself was a deaf mute. We observed him signing into the hands of others who must have been blind, deaf and mute.  His only concern seemed to be that others receive prayer first, before himself. When I say that he was beautiful, it is because I saw the refection of God’s love shining through him. His face shone like an angel.  I couldn’t sign and I couldn’t speak Spanish, but I could pray in a language that God understood! (the Gift of Tongues or a “Prayer Language” given by the Holy Spirit)  We prayed and prayed and soon he could begin to form the only Spanish words that I could shout into his ears, “Gloria a Dios (glory to God)!”  It was truly glorious.  The joy on his face as he began to hear and speak was beyond human words to describe!

We prayed with so many, late into the night, as the glory of Jesus’ presence filled the room.  With it came the greatest miracle of salvation to lost sinners, a cleansing to the hearts of  believers in the Church through repentance, sight to blind eyes,  hearing to  deaf ears and words to mute tongues. I will never forget the night in that Church when the blind saw and the deaf heard.  No man or woman could take credit for what only God could do, the night Jesus walked into the Church.

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*I share this testimony from my own perspective, but you can read other accounts at newsletter archives, May 2012.

This testimony was also published by me as a story  “The Night Jesus Walked Into the Church” in a book by Bethany House Publishers entitled Encountering Jesus: Modern Day Stories of His Supernatural Presence and Power, 2015, Compiled by James Stuart Bell.


Janet DeCaster
Janet DeCaster
Christian Author & Speaker, Janet DeCaster, holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a J.D. from Emory University School of Law, and a Certificate of Biblical Studies from ACTS International Bible College. She has served as a Pastor to women in a local Church, a Deacon, a global missions team member and committed volunteer in many capacities in the Church. She is licensed and ordained for Christian ministry with Resurrection Apostolic International Network, R.A.I.N. Ministries and is a member of the International Association of Healing Ministries, I.A.H.M. She has authored two books, available through her website,

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